We believe in the K.I.S.S. Principle:  Keep It Straightforward and Simple.

 When everything and everyone around you is going to pieces, the last thing you should have to worry about is your technology. The middle of a disaster is no time to re-learn how to set up and use complex equipment. You need to focus on the number one problem – protecting and saving lives and property.

Northmark Communications’ field deployable office telephone systems are simple to set up and use, by design. Most functions are intuitive and straightforward. Jacks are both color coded and labeled for easy identification. Familiar industry-standard telephone cables and connections make it easy to set up. Our field setup and operating manuals are designed for quick lookups and contain plenty of pictures and step by step instructions to make it easy to get going quickly. Laminated “feature code” cards are included for each analog telephone to let users quickly access common functions without having to look them up in a book. Our systems are as close to “plug and play” as we can make them.

Up until now, we haven’t offered a VoIP telephone system due to complexity, and a lack of network robustness and survivability. However, we are developing a new small VoIP PBX that will allow use of legacy POTS phone lines or cellular service. Look for that product soon!
Should you practice and train with our systems? Absolutely! But you’ll find the learning curve to be very short. If you find anything unclear, please contact us at once. If needed, we’ll even rewrite the manual and send you a new one the same day.

 Need more support? When you deploy for an exercise or actual event, contact us as much in advance as possible, and we’ll try to have a tech support person available on standby. Just in case!