EOC in a Box

Taking the “EOC in a BoxTM” concept further…

Only the largest agencies can afford a permanent, dedicated emergency operations center (EOC), never mind a ready-to-go backup facility. The EOC in a BoxTM concept allows even smaller counties, cities, and towns to quickly set up and operate

DTS1824P 8-line, 24-extension portable PBX telephone system

DTS1824P Portable PBX

when disaster strikes. Northmark Communications’ field-deployable telephone systems are central to that concept. Visit our Application Notes page for a complete description of the EOC in a BoxTM concept, or our Products page to see our many EOC in a BoxTM solutions.


A complete EOC needs so much more than telephones and radios. Our friends at Clark Reynolds & Co. offer a simple to use, complete, portable, affordable, manual system for setting up and operating an EOC. To learn more, please visit them at www.emergency-planning.com. 

Clark Reynolds EOC kit  Temporary EOC