P-Series Dual-Hybrid PBX Phone Systems

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Full-featured “EOC in a BoxTM” conventional PBX office telephone system in a rugged field-deployable package. Easy set-up: just pop off the covers, plug in the phones, outside lines, and power! Dual-hybrid design allows use of proprietary feature phones and conventional single line telephones in any combination for maximum flexibility.

 Product detailsDTS1824P 8-line, 24-extension portable PBX telephone system

  • For small to medium sized EOCs, PSAPs or temporary offices
  • Portable – use anywhere  
  • Dual-Hybrid design allows use included proprietary digital or optional standard analog telephones
  • 3 standard models available:  

DTS1308P – 3 lines, 8 extensions

DTS1616P – 6 lines, 16 extensions

DTS1824P – 8 lines, 24 extensions

  • Standard features: Intercom, hold, transfer, conference, automated attendant, and much more
  • AC powered, low current consumption
  • LCD display digital feature phones, 1 per extension
  • Minimal user training required – design follows the KISS principle
  • Flexible programming to suit a variety of needs
  • Use any dial-tone source – land-lines, cellular, satellite
  • Basic tool kit included
  • Each system is custom built to customer’s needs
  • Many off-the-shelf parts for easy field replacment
  • Mil-spec accessory cases with handles and wheels
  • Compatible with radio interoperability phone patch sytems, such as ICRI, JPS/Raytheon, Link, others
  • Available permanent installation versionfor mobile command vehicles, EOCs, etc.
    Accessory Case

    Phones and Accessories Case



  • Uninterruptible Power Source – up to 1 hour, generator compatible
  • 12vdc to 120vac true sine-wave inverter wtih battery clamps in carry case
  • Advanced installer’s tool kit 
  • Proprietary  digital or basic analog phones in any combination
  • Long-range cordless phones
  • Simple voice messaging system – no passcodes required!
  • Cellular and Satellite telephone terminals 
  • Extra telephone extension cords



 DTS-1308P-D  $3615 (all digital phones)

DTS-1616P-D  $6603 (all digital phones)

DTS-1824P-D  $9313 (all digital phones)

On a tight budget? Substitute lower cost analog phones for all but three extensions

DTS-1308P-A  $2860 (3 digital, 5 analog phones)

DTS-1616P-A  $4639 (3 digital, 13 analog phones)

DTS-1824P-A  $6139 (3 digital, 21 analog phones)

 Literature and Manuals

DTS-210 Mini-EOC in a Box

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

 Low-Cost Field Deployable 2-Line, 4-10-Extension Office Telephone System

 Simple two-line wired telephone system for portable field operations. Allows up to ten desk phones to share one or two incoming telephone lines without AC power. Perfect for smaller operations or locations limited to battery or solar power. Base package comes with four phones – add more as needed.

DTS210S small 2-line phone system

DTS-210S Portable Phone System



Accessory Case

Phones and Accessories Case




Product details

  • Simple telephone bridge supports two lines and up to ten two-line phones
  • Phone line powered – no AC power needed
  • Simple field setup
  • 4 basic 2-line speakerphones standard (black phone shown above)
  • Optional basic phones (white phones shown above – style may vary)
  • Features include hold, flash, mute, ringer volume and memory dial buttons
  • Speakerphone also has conference button
  • Can also be used with any 2-line cordless phone *
  • Use any dial-tone source – land-lines, cellular, satellite *
  • Rugged carrying case with cables, cord reel, basic tool kit, set-up instructions


  • Up to six additional phones (kits supplied with four phones)
  • Long-range cordless phones
  • Cellular or Satellite base stations *
  • Additional cords and hookup accessories
  • Advanced installer’s tool kit


$1353 (With 4 speaker phones) Order model DTS-210S

$1140 (With 4 basic phones)     Order model DTS-210B

 DTS210 Brochure

*AC power may be required for Satellite and Cellular telephone base stations and cordless phones.

Large PBX Systems

Friday, April 13th, 2012

If you need a large full-featured portable PBX telephone system, the DTS-500Y was designed for you. With IP PBXcapability for16 analog PSTN lines, 80 concurrent SIP calls, and up to 500 IP extensions*, it can handle even the largest EOC or PSAP – or both together! Extremely flexible programming means we can configure it to meet almost any need.

  • Combined EOC and 9-1-1 PSAP
  • 9-1-1 PSAP & dispatch backup
  • Emergency operations centers
  • Disaster call centers
  • Field hospitals & clinics
  • Inoculation centers
  • Forest fire base operations
  • Emergency office relocation
  • Temporary government offices
  • Continuity of operations backup
  • Special event operations
  • Field logistics centers
  • Fixed-site backup phone system

Key Features

  • Portable IP-PBX – use anywhere 
  • 16 PSTN landline trunk ports
  • Supports up to 80 concurrent SIP trunk calls
  • Up to 500 IP extensions depending on switch configuration
  • Standard office phone features: intercom, hold, transfer, more

    Accessory Case

    Phones and Accessories Case

  • Use any analog dial tone – landline, cellular, satellite,
  • Use any standard SIP VoIP trunk
  • Built-in automated attendant function
  • Built-in voice mail
  • Built-in trunk or extension recording
  • Full inbound and outbound call logging
  • Supervisor monitoring function
  • Versatile hardware and software configurations
  • Headset jack on phones
  • Easy to set up with little training
  • Easy to follow operating instructions
  • Flexible PC programming
  • Programming customized for your application
  • Rugged mil-spec accessory carry cases with handles and wheels
  • Installer’s basic tool kit
  • Off-the-shelf components for easy field replacement
  • One year limited warranty


Incoming lines: 16 analog PSTN, SIP trunking for up to 80 concurrent calls 

Extensions: Up to 500 users
Power: 120vac @ 2.5 amps**
System case: 22”x22.5”x13”
Weight***: < 40 lbs
Accessory case: 20”x25”x16”
Weight***: < 40 lbs.

* Depends on number of Ethernet switches included in package 

** Basic system only – no optional accessories
*** Weights will vary depending on phones and accessories ordered

Literature & Manuals 

Call for pricing – this product is highly configurable

Prices and specifications subject to change without notice

Rack-Mounted PBX Systems

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

 Designed for installation in fixed facilities or mobile command post vehicles. It’s our rugged DTS-P and DTS-N series PBX telephone switches, but without the portable cases and accessories. Each rack-mount package comes with three digital phones and you can add others as needed. Designed for installation into any standard 19″ EIA rack. Combine with a stock or customized patch panel to permit quick telephone reconfiguration. Call for design ideas! Compatible with all analog radio-telephone patch systems.

Other rack-mount versions of our products include the Sky Connect Iridium telephone and CT8 multi-line cellular telephone system. Add our Vidicode Octo 8-channel digital voice logging system for a complete mobile or alternate PSAP.

RTS1616P rack mountable PBX telephone system for EOCs and command vehicles                        


The specifications and options are the same as for our DTS-P and DTS-N  series of field deployable PBX systems. Available in several configurations:
  • RTS-1308P – 3 lines, 8 dual-hybrid extensions   $2150
  • RTS-1616P – 6 lines, 16 dual-hybrid extensions $2850
  • RTS-1824P – 8 lines, 24 dual-hybrid extensions $4269
  • RTS-482N – 4 lines, 8 digital & 2 analog extensions $2675
  • RTS-8162N – 8 lines, 16 digital & 2 analog extensions $2881
  • RTS-8818N – 8 lines, 8 digital & 18 analog extensions $3630
  • RTS-8242N – 8 lines, 24 digital & 2 analog extensions $2850
Every system includes three digital LCD display phones. Options include basic voice mail, additional digital or analog phones, digital audio logging recorder, sat-phone terminals, celluar telephone terminals, and stock or custom patch panels
Call for custom package and option pricing