P-Series Dual-Hybrid PBX Phone Systems

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Full-featured “EOC in a BoxTM” conventional PBX office telephone system in a rugged field-deployable package. Easy set-up: just pop off the covers, plug in the phones, outside lines, and power! Dual-hybrid design allows use of proprietary feature phones and conventional single line telephones in any combination for maximum flexibility.

 Product detailsDTS1824P 8-line, 24-extension portable PBX telephone system

  • For small to medium sized EOCs, PSAPs or temporary offices
  • Portable – use anywhere  
  • Dual-Hybrid design allows use included proprietary digital or optional standard analog telephones
  • 3 standard models available:  

DTS1308P – 3 lines, 8 extensions

DTS1616P – 6 lines, 16 extensions

DTS1824P – 8 lines, 24 extensions

  • Standard features: Intercom, hold, transfer, conference, automated attendant, and much more
  • AC powered, low current consumption
  • LCD display digital feature phones, 1 per extension
  • Minimal user training required – design follows the KISS principle
  • Flexible programming to suit a variety of needs
  • Use any dial-tone source – land-lines, cellular, satellite
  • Basic tool kit included
  • Each system is custom built to customer’s needs
  • Many off-the-shelf parts for easy field replacment
  • Mil-spec accessory cases with handles and wheels
  • Compatible with radio interoperability phone patch sytems, such as ICRI, JPS/Raytheon, Link, others
  • Available permanent installation versionfor mobile command vehicles, EOCs, etc.
    Accessory Case

    Phones and Accessories Case



  • Uninterruptible Power Source – up to 1 hour, generator compatible
  • 12vdc to 120vac true sine-wave inverter wtih battery clamps in carry case
  • Advanced installer’s tool kit 
  • Proprietary  digital or basic analog phones in any combination
  • Long-range cordless phones
  • Simple voice messaging system – no passcodes required!
  • Cellular and Satellite telephone terminals 
  • Extra telephone extension cords



 DTS-1308P-D  $3615 (all digital phones)

DTS-1616P-D  $6603 (all digital phones)

DTS-1824P-D  $9313 (all digital phones)

On a tight budget? Substitute lower cost analog phones for all but three extensions

DTS-1308P-A  $2860 (3 digital, 5 analog phones)

DTS-1616P-A  $4639 (3 digital, 13 analog phones)

DTS-1824P-A  $6139 (3 digital, 21 analog phones)

 Literature and Manuals

DTS-210 Mini-EOC in a Box

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

 Low-Cost Field Deployable 2-Line, 4-10-Extension Office Telephone System

 Simple two-line wired telephone system for portable field operations. Allows up to ten desk phones to share one or two incoming telephone lines without AC power. Perfect for smaller operations or locations limited to battery or solar power. Base package comes with four phones – add more as needed.

DTS210S small 2-line phone system

DTS-210S Portable Phone System



Accessory Case

Phones and Accessories Case




Product details

  • Simple telephone bridge supports two lines and up to ten two-line phones
  • Phone line powered – no AC power needed
  • Simple field setup
  • 4 basic 2-line speakerphones standard (black phone shown above)
  • Optional basic phones (white phones shown above – style may vary)
  • Features include hold, flash, mute, ringer volume and memory dial buttons
  • Speakerphone also has conference button
  • Can also be used with any 2-line cordless phone *
  • Use any dial-tone source – land-lines, cellular, satellite *
  • Rugged carrying case with cables, cord reel, basic tool kit, set-up instructions


  • Up to six additional phones (kits supplied with four phones)
  • Long-range cordless phones
  • Cellular or Satellite base stations *
  • Additional cords and hookup accessories
  • Advanced installer’s tool kit


$1353 (With 4 speaker phones) Order model DTS-210S

$1140 (With 4 basic phones)     Order model DTS-210B

 DTS210 Brochure

*AC power may be required for Satellite and Cellular telephone base stations and cordless phones.

Large PBX Systems

Friday, April 13th, 2012

If you need a large full-featured portable PBX telephone system, the DTS-500Y was designed for you. With IP PBXcapability for16 analog PSTN lines, 80 concurrent SIP calls, and up to 500 IP extensions*, it can handle even the largest EOC or PSAP – or both together! Extremely flexible programming means we can configure it to meet almost any need.

  • Combined EOC and 9-1-1 PSAP
  • 9-1-1 PSAP & dispatch backup
  • Emergency operations centers
  • Disaster call centers
  • Field hospitals & clinics
  • Inoculation centers
  • Forest fire base operations
  • Emergency office relocation
  • Temporary government offices
  • Continuity of operations backup
  • Special event operations
  • Field logistics centers
  • Fixed-site backup phone system

Key Features

  • Portable IP-PBX – use anywhere 
  • 16 PSTN landline trunk ports
  • Supports up to 80 concurrent SIP trunk calls
  • Up to 500 IP extensions depending on switch configuration
  • Standard office phone features: intercom, hold, transfer, more

    Accessory Case

    Phones and Accessories Case

  • Use any analog dial tone – landline, cellular, satellite,
  • Use any standard SIP VoIP trunk
  • Built-in automated attendant function
  • Built-in voice mail
  • Built-in trunk or extension recording
  • Full inbound and outbound call logging
  • Supervisor monitoring function
  • Versatile hardware and software configurations
  • Headset jack on phones
  • Easy to set up with little training
  • Easy to follow operating instructions
  • Flexible PC programming
  • Programming customized for your application
  • Rugged mil-spec accessory carry cases with handles and wheels
  • Installer’s basic tool kit
  • Off-the-shelf components for easy field replacement
  • One year limited warranty


Incoming lines: 16 analog PSTN, SIP trunking for up to 80 concurrent calls 

Extensions: Up to 500 users
Power: 120vac @ 2.5 amps**
System case: 22”x22.5”x13”
Weight***: < 40 lbs
Accessory case: 20”x25”x16”
Weight***: < 40 lbs.

* Depends on number of Ethernet switches included in package 

** Basic system only – no optional accessories
*** Weights will vary depending on phones and accessories ordered

Literature & Manuals 

Call for pricing – this product is highly configurable

Prices and specifications subject to change without notice

Rack-Mounted PBX Systems

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

 Designed for installation in fixed facilities or mobile command post vehicles. It’s our rugged DTS-P and DTS-N series PBX telephone switches, but without the portable cases and accessories. Each rack-mount package comes with three digital phones and you can add others as needed. Designed for installation into any standard 19″ EIA rack. Combine with a stock or customized patch panel to permit quick telephone reconfiguration. Call for design ideas! Compatible with all analog radio-telephone patch systems.

Other rack-mount versions of our products include the Sky Connect Iridium telephone and CT8 multi-line cellular telephone system. Add our Vidicode Octo 8-channel digital voice logging system for a complete mobile or alternate PSAP.

RTS1616P rack mountable PBX telephone system for EOCs and command vehicles                        


The specifications and options are the same as for our DTS-P and DTS-N  series of field deployable PBX systems. Available in several configurations:
  • RTS-1308P – 3 lines, 8 dual-hybrid extensions   $2150
  • RTS-1616P – 6 lines, 16 dual-hybrid extensions $2850
  • RTS-1824P – 8 lines, 24 dual-hybrid extensions $4269
  • RTS-482N – 4 lines, 8 digital & 2 analog extensions $2675
  • RTS-8162N – 8 lines, 16 digital & 2 analog extensions $2881
  • RTS-8818N – 8 lines, 8 digital & 18 analog extensions $3630
  • RTS-8242N – 8 lines, 24 digital & 2 analog extensions $2850
Every system includes three digital LCD display phones. Options include basic voice mail, additional digital or analog phones, digital audio logging recorder, sat-phone terminals, celluar telephone terminals, and stock or custom patch panels
Call for custom package and option pricing 

Logging Recorders

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Four and eight channel digital voice logging recorders with built-in CD recorder. Add to any Northmark Communications DTS or RTS series PBX system to keep a complete log of all incoming and outgoing calls. Can also be used to record two-way radio calls.*
Perfect for portable PSAP operations.

Product details

  • 19” rack mount or table-top operation
    Octo Digital Voice Recorder

    Octo Digital Voice Recorder

  • 4 or 8 line models 
  • Internal storage capacity up to 27600 hours
  • Built-in CD recorder for archiving 
  • Registration of the call and all available data: date, time, internal and external telephone number **, duration of the call etc.
  • FSK or DTMF Caller ID data supported **
  • Notification: spoken message to notify that a recording is being made
  • Automatic storage time control (privacy protection)
  • Fax recording
  • Multi-line answering machine operation available
  • Pre-recording assures no missed words or syllables
  • Front panel RJ-45/RJ-11 combo modular phone connections for easy patching
  • Searchable memory
  • Playback through internal speaker or headphones
  • Full Ethernet integration
  • 120-240VAC operation
  • Optional remote access and real-time monitoring software


4 lines and CD recorder $2944

8 lines and CD recorder $4690

Remote access/monitoring software $223

 Literature & Manuals


* 2-way radio recording assumes use of radios with combined TX/RX logging audio output. Check with Northmark Communications or your radio dealer.

** Caller ID data must be provided by the telephone company.for this feature to function 

Instant Playback Recorder

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

SD-100 Call RecorderSD-100 Single-Line Telephone Call Recorder
Single-station call recorder designed for use by each call-taker. The SD-100 call recorder allows quick playback of emergency calls to verify addresses and phone numbers. Depending on the type of telephone, it can be connected either to the extension or handset connection. Contact us for details.



  • Secure digital call recording, up to 170 hours recording on one 1GB memory card
  • Supplied with 1GB SD card – will support up to 2GB card
  • Stores Caller ID information – allows appended recording of memo notes
  • Time and date stamp on every recording, duration of call
  • Records digits dialed on outgoing calls
  • Automatic or manual recording
  • Auto start/stop record using line current detect or voice detect
  • Recording level indicator
  • Supplied with XtR Desktop PC software for call search/playback and management
  • Connects directly to analog line or to digital telephone handset cords
  • Built-in microphone for room or memo recording
  • 102 x 64 dot LCD displays all important call information and lists recent calls
  • Security features to prevent unauthorized access
  • Rapid Search and Playback controls
  • Playback via built-in speaker or headset jack for privacy (also via PC with included XtR Desktop software)
  • System warns when the SD card is 80% full
  • Swap SD cards to quickly transfer recordings to a PC for archiving and later playback with XtR Desktop
  • Recording time: more than 7 days of continuous recording per GB of memory
  • Operates on 120vac with 4 hour internal AA battery backup, or 5vdc; 12vdc operation is possible with an optional DC-DC converter


    XtR Desktop PC Software – Playback Management Features

    • Remove SD card from recorder and insert in your computer’s card reader to transfer files for archiving and playbackXtR Playback Screen
    • Level indicator shows call activity
    • Drag and drop cursor rapidly locates key points in conversation
    • Pause & continue manual controls
    • Restrict users from stopping, pausing, deleting or exporting recordings
    • Native file format can only be played back with this software for added security Search & list calls by:
      • Time & date
      • Duration
      • Caller ID or dialed digits
      • Comments/notes made
      • Importance
    • One-touch conversion to .wav file type for easy sharing
    • Email recordings to colleagues (as .wav file or compressed native file)


    $229 each, 1-3 units   $210 each, 4-9 units

Literature & Manuals


Radio Dispatch Consoles

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Radio Dispatch Consoles 

Northmark Communications builds custom designed rugged portable radio dispatch consoles for your portable Emergency Operations Center, 9-1-1 PSAP, field hospital or forward operations base. We offer Kenwood, Maxon, Vertex-Standard, Icom, Spectra Engineering, and Midland mobile radios, and we can also integrate your radios. Both rack-mountable base stations and conventional mobile radios up to 120 watts can be used. Designed for rapid and easy setup by personnel with limited technical skills. Easy to follow custom-written instruction manuals and laminated quick-reference setup cards (with lots of pictures) allow almost anyone to set up the console.

  Product details

Custom Dispatch console

Custom Dispatch Console

 Standard features:
  • Lightweight switching-type AC power supply
  • Battery backup connection on rear panel
  • Rugged carry cases
  • Color-coded low-loss antenna cables
  • Portable antennas and tripods
  • Ventilation fan on rear panel
  • Custom-written instruction manuals
  • Audio logging recorder (certain radios)
  • Choice of antenna types
  • Telephone patch units
  • Antenna tripod ground guying kits
  • Portable repeater version available
  • LED task lighting
Dispatch Console - rear view
Dispatch Console – rear view
VHF Antenna & Tripod

VHF Antenna & Tripod

 Dispatch console with covers on
 Dispatch console with covers on


Dispatch accessory case
Dispatch Accessory Case



Click here for literature or
call 1-800-211-0038 or email us for more information


Iridium Satphone Terminals

Sunday, April 8th, 2012

Sky ConnectTM I & II IridiumTM Satellite Telephone Terminals

SkyConnect IIWhen you absolutely need a dialtone during a disaster response or in the middle of nowhere, a satellite telephone is often the only solution. However, most satellite phones are handheld, single line, must be used outdoors in the weather, and cannot be connected to other telephone equipment or an external antenna.

Our rugged Iridium Sky Connect portable or installable satellite telephone terminals easily solve those problems.

The Sky Connect single or dual line satellite  telephone terminal may be connected to our portable PBX telephone systems, any permanently installed PBX system, or to any conventional single line telephone with a standard RJ-11 telephone cord.

2400 baud data communication via the satellite is possible using the terminal’s USB data port. It is quick and easy to setup with little training. With data compression software, speeds are available up to 10Kbps, adequate for text-only email. 

The external antenna can be placed out in the open or on a rooftop for a clear, unobstructed view of the sky. This means fewer dropped or lost calls and greater signal reliability, as well as the ability to make your calls from a protected indoor environment.

The terminal is contained in its own rugged portable enclosure with protective clamp-on covers. The  antenna, power and data cables, and system manuals are all carried in a matching accessory case. Also included is a portable 6′ folding antenna tripod in a nylon carry bag (shown at right with antenna). Optional orange nylon sandbags (empty) are available for weighting the tripod legs in high wind conditions.



SkyConnect antenna and tripodPermanent wall, bulkhead, or rack-mount installation configurations are available for buildings or vehicles. Use for telephone backup service when regular telephone service is disrupted, or for mobile command posts.

Iridium Sky Connect I with one radio installed: $5399 Iridium

Sky Connect II with two radios installed: $8815

Optional internal battery back-up available – call for details & pricing

Optional DC version: Deduct $50 from price

Rack mount versions for permanent installation – call for pricing

Set of three 20lb capacity orange nylon antenna tripod sandbags: $94


Satelllite Service Fees *

No activation fee

Monthly subscription fee: $37.50

Voice calls: $1.50/minute

Iridium to Iridium, voice mail retreival calls: $1.00/minute

Iridium to other satellite systems: $10.89/minute

* Service fees are those available for the general public. Special government rates are available for qualifying agencies. Rates are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for most current information.


Literature & Manuals

        Satellite-Cellular Planning NotesRead this!


Sky Connect is a trademark of Icarus Instruments – Iridium is a trademark of Iridium, Inc.

Fixed & Mobile Sat Phones

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

Satellite Telephone backup for your office

Sky Connect Indoors

Sky Connect Indoors - Iridium Sat Phone

(Mobile and Marine versions available)

When the phones go out and you still need to communicate, the most reliable option is satellite telephone. However, most sat phones are hand-held and require the user to be outdoors – in the weather – and require some degree of training to use.

The Sky Connect IndoorsTM single-line satellite telephone solves those problems.

The Sky Connect Indoors satellite telephone and data terminal can be permanently installed in your office or mobile command center and connected to either a conventional phone or directly to a designated trunk port on your office PBX telephone system. When you need to make a sat phone call, simply dial the access code for that trunk port, and you will have the satellite dial tone!

A local control handset is available for connection to the terminal itself, and can be remoted to another part of the building if necessary. The handset supports voice calls and SMS messages, as well as access to other features. 

The Sky Connect Indoor terminal can also save money by allowing lower-cost Iridium to Iridium calls if you have other mobile or portable units in the field.

Low speed data service is also available at rates from 2400 to 10kbps, adequate for text-only email, via an RS-232 port, up to 50′ from the terminal. Longer distances (3000′ or more) can be achieved using two RS-485 converters. Data service requires an additional monthly fee.

The Sky Connect Indoor terminal can be powered with 120vac or 10-32vdc, as needed, and draws very little power (1 amp at 12vdc while transmitting). For maximum reliability, we offer a 12 volt power supply with battery backup. The radio can be installed remotely from other telephone equipment in order to keep the antenna cable as short as possible. Custom weatherproof housings are available for roof-top installation upon request.

An internal SIM card is used to activate the phone and identify it to the system. An external SIM card reader is available for multiple users to bill calls to their own accounts.

Also perfect for remote sites without regular telephone service. Kits are available for vehicle or marine intallation – call for details.

Iridium Sky Connect Indoor Terminal, with AC power supply, mast-mount antenna: $2900
Local control handset: $350
5m antenna cable: $55 (Shorter cables are recommended for maximum performance)
10m antenna cable: $165
DC power cable: $25
DC/Battery power supply: $265 (approx. 24-36 hour run time on battery, depending on duty cycle)
Weatherproof outdoor housings: Call for pricing – various versions available.
Marine and mobile versions: Call for configuration and pricing information

Typical Service Fees *

  • No activation fee
  • Monthly subscription fee: $32 (voice only)
  • Iridium to landline voice/data calls: $1.50/minute – no long distance charges
  • Iridium to Iridium, voice mail retrieval calls: $1.00/minute
  • Iridium to other satellite systems: $10.89/minute

* Activation is required before use. Service fees shown are typical of those available for the general public. Special government rates are available in some cases. Calls to and from the regular (PSTN) telephone network are charged at international rates. Rates are subject to change without notice.  

INSTALLATION NOTES:  Antenna mast and mounting accessories are not included and will be dependent on the location. Antenna must be mounted above all obstructions with a clear view to 15o above the horizon. Special packaging such as NEMA weatherproof radio housings for rooftop installation available upon request. Call for technical support when planning your installation.


Literature & Manuals 

Sky Connect and Sky Connect Indoors are trademarks of EMS Aviation 


VSAT Satellite Terminals

Friday, April 6th, 2012

High-Capacity Satellite Telephone and Data Terminals 

Very Small Aperature Terminals (VSAT) using state-of-the-art iDirect Evolution technology provide multi-user high-speed Internet and multiple telephone lines anywhere in a matter of minutes. Northmark Communications offers two standard VSAT packages to meet the needs of most users. Larger and smaller systems are also available on request. Systems can be configured for direct telephone and Internet access, or used with a second terminal at a fixed location for “reach-back” operation.  

 Radid, Easy, Setup

Fully automatic dish deployment and satellite acquisition. Setup and operation require little training. Remove the covers, level the base, connect the cables to the electronics package, power it up, and press the “start” button. The dish will raise up and find its assigned satellite in a matter of minutes. Connect the electronics package to a specially equipped Northmark Communications DTS series field deployable PBX phone system and you’re ready to make calls. Plug in the Wireless Access Point, power up your laptops, and you’re in business!


  • Portable or vehicle-mounted versions (not for operation while in motion)
  • 8, 16, and 32 phone line systems
  • Wireless access points with POE and portable tripods
  • Various colors
  • Vehicle installation
  • On-site training


Pricing: Call to discuss configurations and application-specific pricing. Ball-park pricing is shown below.

Service Plans: A wide variety of satellite service plans are available to fit your needs. Both systems are compatible with all iDirect Evolution service providers for maximum flexibility. Call us for a quote based on your projected usage profile.

.850 Meter VSAT


Our .850 meter dish package provides up to 16 conventional dial tones plus enough Internet bandwitdh for up to 16 computer users. Standard color is gray (as shown). Other colors are optional. System also includes electronics package custom configured for your specific application. Call for detailed specifications.

 Complete system prices start around $33,000


1.2 Meter VSAT 

1.2 Meter VSAT Dish

1.2 Meter VSAT Dish

For those who need even more bandwidth, our 1.2 meter dish package provides up to 32 conventional dial tones plus enough Internet bandwitdh for up to 32 computer users.
Standard color is gray. Other colors are optional (Army green shown) System also includes electronics package custom configured for your specific application. Call for detailed specifications.

Complete system prices start around $47,000
Tech Note: The larger the dish, the more data and phone lines it can handle.

Cellphone Docking Stations

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

  Cobra Lynx BT215Cobra PhoneLynx

The PhoneLynx connects your Bluetooth-enabled hand-held cell phone to any conventional telephone or PBX system with a simple RJ11 modular phone cable. Up to 2 cell phones can share this unit, but both connect to the single telephone jack, one call at a time. Call waiting is enabled to allow switching between calls on the same or different phones. Caller ID is passed through. 12 vdc operation with AC power supply included. Order model BT215.    $39


Note: Not all cellular telephones are Bluetooth enabled. Check yours before ordering this unit.


 How They Work 

Cell phone docking stations let you use a regular hand-held cell phone to provide dial tone to one of our field deployable telephone systems. They provide conventional dialtone and ringing signals to the telephone system’s incoming line jack. This allows multiple users to share a cellular phone line with regular phones at their own desks.

 Docking stations connect to your handheld cell phone with a wireless Bluetooth signal. Bluetooth capability permits the use of many different cellphones, and changing phones is quick and easy. You can still connect your cell phone to its charger while in use to avoid dead batteries when you need it the most. Even if you have other dial tone sources, a docking station makes a great resource tool to keep in the kit.


Docking stations have both advantages and disadvantages

for disaster & emergency telephone service 


Docking stations allow you to use the same Bluetooth-enabled handheld cell phones your agency issues for everyday use, without the additional monthly service charges associated with dedicated cellular base station terminals like our SX5. The purchase cost of a docking station is also significantly lower than a dedicated cellular telephone terminal.



Handheld cell phones only work well in locations with good cellular signal strength. If you will be working inside a metal-skinned trailer, vehicle, or building, we recommend that you perform signal strength tests with the cell phone you to plan to use before purchasing the docking station. It may be necessary to install an “in-building” signal booster with an external antenna. 

(Our SX5 1-line and GFX44 GSM 4-line cellular telephone terminals with external antennas will work better than most hand-held phones in weak signal areas.)

 At this time, no brand of docking station supports fax or computer connections due to limitations in the cell phones themselves.

 Many hand-held cell phones are not designed for continuous duty operation and may fail when you need them most. If you anticipate a heavy call volume or long calls, (likely during an emergency) you should consider using a cellular base station instead.  


4-Line GSM Cellular Terminal

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

GFX44 GSM Cellular Telephone Gateway Terminal
Up to four GSM cellular telephone lines in one device

GFX44 4 line GSM Gateway

Provides up to four separate analog dial tones from GSM cellular telephone service. Highly configurable unit can be programmed to meet a variety of needs. Can be used with any analog PBX instead of land-lines, or with up to four single line analog phones. Internal antenna combiner means you need only one antenna. Small and lightweight.

 Rear jacks include 4 RJ-11 modular telehone jacks, 1 RS-232 programming jack, DC power, and SMA antenna jack. Up to four SIM cards (one per line) install securely inside the table-top case to prevent card theft. Powered with 120vac to 12vdc adapter. Supplied with small flexible antenna (shown) and AC power supply. See below for options.
For use with GSM service providers such as AT&T and T-Mobile. (Sorry, a version for Verizon and other CDMA carriers is not available.)



  • Rugged military-grade carry case
  • External high-gain antenna with tripod and 50′ cable for weak signal areas or shielded buildings
  • Accessory and tripod cases
  • Complete packages with phones

 (Rack-mount and portable battery operated versions in development).

Tool Kits

Sunday, April 1st, 2012


Basic Tool Kit

Basic Tool Kit


Be Prepared for any hookup situation with the right tools!

Basic Tool Kit 

This basic tool kit is included with most of our  telephone and radio systems, or can be purchased separately. Includes flat and phillips screwdrivers, slip joint pliers, diagonal wire cutters, needle nose pliers, wire strippers, and heavy nylon zippered storage bag.

 Included with all portable PBX systems – $48 if purchased separately



Advanced Tool Kit 

Installer's Tool Kit

Advanced Tool Kit

The optional advanced tool kit contains a professional telephone technician’s most essential tools. Includes Harris telephone “butt set” with bed-of-nails clips, tone generator, inductive tracer, “banjo” adapter, can wrench, 66/110 punchdown tool, modular crimpers, and heavy nylon zippered storage bag.



Phone Line Simulator

Friday, March 30th, 2012

DLE-200B Phone Line Simulator

DLE200B line simulator

DLE200B Line Simulator


Allows testing and programming of PBX systems without telephone lines. Plug into any PBX line-in port, and connect a standard telephone. When either goes “off hook” the other automatically rings. Supplies both ring and talk voltages. Requires 120VAC – power supply included. 

Recommended for testing PBX system programming without the need for phone lines. 

Also available in complete SimCell Kits for staff training and exercise simulations.   


Sim-Cell Kits

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Sim-Cell kits allow you to simulate outside calls from your portable PBX system for training and exercises. One DLE-200B line simulator and a standard desk phone is connected to a line (trunk) jack (the red ones) on any of our field deployable PBX systems. Pick up the Sim-Cell phone, and it rings into the PBX just like an outside call. Outside calls placed from the PBX will ring on the Sim-Cell phone connected to that line jack. Order a kit with the same number of incoming line jacks as your portable PBX system – or – for as many sim-cell operators as you plan to use.

Kits include:

Sim-Cell Kit

Sim-Cell Kit

  • 3 to 8 DLE-200B and desk phone kits in a single carry case
  • 25′ telephone extension cables on cord manager
  • 7′ telephone hookup cords
  • Muslin storage bags for phone and DLE-200B storage
  • Rugged mil-spec carry case with pull handle and wheels

3 line kit  $770

6 line kit  $1353

8 line kit  $1759 


EOC Simulation Kit

DLE200B and Desk Phone


UPS System

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Uniterruptible Power SourceUPS-1500

  • 120VAC
  • 1500VA load capacity
  • Fulltime on-line rugged inverter
  • Generator friendly
  • Front and rear outlets for easy access
  • Rugged carry case
  • 65 pounds carrying weight


 Easy to Use

Simply remove the covers, plug it into an AC power outlet, connect your equipment to it, and you’re in business! Now, when short power interruptions occur your communications system will stay up and running. Need to shut down a portable generator to refuel? No problem. The 1500VA UPS will run most of our PBX systems for up to an hour, depending on accessories and auxilliary equipment.

What does “Generator Friendly” mean?

Most low-cost UPS systems are “line-interactive,” which means they allow the connected equipment to run on the main AC lines until the power fails, and then switch to the light-duty internal battery-powered inverter. The problem is that generator power is often “dirty” and the interactive UPS doesn’t like it, so it stays on the battery until it goes dead – even with the generator connected and running. Our full-on-line UPS runs on its battery and heavy-duty inverter full time. The only thing the AC power line does is charge the batteries, so even with dirty generator power, you’re still in business.

Power Inverter Kit

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

300 Watt Pure Sinewaye DC-AC Inverter

  • 300 watts continuous duty
  • Power from any 12v deep cycle or automotive battery
  • Heavy duty PowerPole DC connector
  • Two GFI outletsInverter kit
  • Heavy cable with color-coded 50amp battery clamps
  • Rugged blow-molded carry case