About Us

Northmark Communications is a GSA registered telecom solutions provider for those who must operate an office or conduct emergency operations in temporary field environments, or need backup systems for permanent facilities.

Our mission is to help your organization communicate effectively, no matter where you are deployed. Northmark Communication’s deployable telecom products allow you to set up office-style telephone communication systems and call centers anywhere in the world, and use local wireline, cellular, or satellite services for dialtone.

All Northmark Communication’s systems are custom configured and programmed to meet your specific needs. Contact us for assistance or go to our Application Notes page for more information.

Company History

Northmark has provided telecom solutions since 1992, offering portable and installed business telephone and communication solutions to commercial, industrial and government clients. Customer Satisfaction.

Our customers needs come first. Northmark’s products and solutions are custom designed and built to meet your specific needs. Custom-designed operation manuals are available to suit your system and your staff’s experience level.