P-Series Dual-Hybrid PBX Phone Systems

Full-featured “EOC in a BoxTM” conventional PBX office telephone system in a rugged field-deployable package. Easy set-up: just pop off the covers, plug in the phones, outside lines, and power! Dual-hybrid design allows use of proprietary feature phones and conventional single line telephones in any combination for maximum flexibility.

 Product detailsDTS1824P 8-line, 24-extension portable PBX telephone system

  • For small to medium sized EOCs, PSAPs or temporary offices
  • Portable – use anywhere  
  • Dual-Hybrid design allows use included proprietary digital or optional standard analog telephones
  • 3 standard models available:  

DTS1308P – 3 lines, 8 extensions

DTS1616P – 6 lines, 16 extensions

DTS1824P – 8 lines, 24 extensions

  • Standard features: Intercom, hold, transfer, conference, automated attendant, and much more
  • AC powered, low current consumption
  • LCD display digital feature phones, 1 per extension
  • Minimal user training required – design follows the KISS principle
  • Flexible programming to suit a variety of needs
  • Use any dial-tone source – land-lines, cellular, satellite
  • Basic tool kit included
  • Each system is custom built to customer’s needs
  • Many off-the-shelf parts for easy field replacment
  • Mil-spec accessory cases with handles and wheels
  • Compatible with radio interoperability phone patch sytems, such as ICRI, JPS/Raytheon, Link, others
  • Available permanent installation versionfor mobile command vehicles, EOCs, etc.
    Accessory Case

    Phones and Accessories Case



  • Uninterruptible Power Source – up to 1 hour, generator compatible
  • 12vdc to 120vac true sine-wave inverter wtih battery clamps in carry case
  • Advanced installer’s tool kit 
  • Proprietary  digital or basic analog phones in any combination
  • Long-range cordless phones
  • Simple voice messaging system – no passcodes required!
  • Cellular and Satellite telephone terminals 
  • Extra telephone extension cords



 DTS-1308P-D  $3615 (all digital phones)

DTS-1616P-D  $6603 (all digital phones)

DTS-1824P-D  $9313 (all digital phones)

On a tight budget? Substitute lower cost analog phones for all but three extensions

DTS-1308P-A  $2860 (3 digital, 5 analog phones)

DTS-1616P-A  $4639 (3 digital, 13 analog phones)

DTS-1824P-A  $6139 (3 digital, 21 analog phones)

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