DTS-210 Mini-EOC in a Box

 Low-Cost Field Deployable 2-Line, 4-10-Extension Office Telephone System

 Simple two-line wired telephone system for portable field operations. Allows up to ten desk phones to share one or two incoming telephone lines without AC power. Perfect for smaller operations or locations limited to battery or solar power. Base package comes with four phones – add more as needed.

DTS210S small 2-line phone system

DTS-210S Portable Phone System



Accessory Case

Phones and Accessories Case




Product details

  • Simple telephone bridge supports two lines and up to ten two-line phones
  • Phone line powered – no AC power needed
  • Simple field setup
  • 4 basic 2-line speakerphones standard (black phone shown above)
  • Optional basic phones (white phones shown above – style may vary)
  • Features include hold, flash, mute, ringer volume and memory dial buttons
  • Speakerphone also has conference button
  • Can also be used with any 2-line cordless phone *
  • Use any dial-tone source – land-lines, cellular, satellite *
  • Rugged carrying case with cables, cord reel, basic tool kit, set-up instructions


  • Up to six additional phones (kits supplied with four phones)
  • Long-range cordless phones
  • Cellular or Satellite base stations *
  • Additional cords and hookup accessories
  • Advanced installer’s tool kit


$1353 (With 4 speaker phones) Order model DTS-210S

$1140 (With 4 basic phones)     Order model DTS-210B

 DTS210 Brochure

*AC power may be required for Satellite and Cellular telephone base stations and cordless phones.