Large PBX Systems

If you need a large full-featured portable PBX telephone system, the DTS-500Y was designed for you. With IP PBXcapability for16 analog PSTN lines, 80 concurrent SIP calls, and up to 500 IP extensions*, it can handle even the largest EOC or PSAP – or both together! Extremely flexible programming means we can configure it to meet almost any need.

  • Combined EOC and 9-1-1 PSAP
  • 9-1-1 PSAP & dispatch backup
  • Emergency operations centers
  • Disaster call centers
  • Field hospitals & clinics
  • Inoculation centers
  • Forest fire base operations
  • Emergency office relocation
  • Temporary government offices
  • Continuity of operations backup
  • Special event operations
  • Field logistics centers
  • Fixed-site backup phone system

Key Features

  • Portable IP-PBX – use anywhere 
  • 16 PSTN landline trunk ports
  • Supports up to 80 concurrent SIP trunk calls
  • Up to 500 IP extensions depending on switch configuration
  • Standard office phone features: intercom, hold, transfer, more

    Accessory Case

    Phones and Accessories Case

  • Use any analog dial tone – landline, cellular, satellite,
  • Use any standard SIP VoIP trunk
  • Built-in automated attendant function
  • Built-in voice mail
  • Built-in trunk or extension recording
  • Full inbound and outbound call logging
  • Supervisor monitoring function
  • Versatile hardware and software configurations
  • Headset jack on phones
  • Easy to set up with little training
  • Easy to follow operating instructions
  • Flexible PC programming
  • Programming customized for your application
  • Rugged mil-spec accessory carry cases with handles and wheels
  • Installer’s basic tool kit
  • Off-the-shelf components for easy field replacement
  • One year limited warranty


Incoming lines: 16 analog PSTN, SIP trunking for up to 80 concurrent calls 

Extensions: Up to 500 users
Power: 120vac @ 2.5 amps**
System case: 22”x22.5”x13”
Weight***: < 40 lbs
Accessory case: 20”x25”x16”
Weight***: < 40 lbs.

* Depends on number of Ethernet switches included in package 

** Basic system only – no optional accessories
*** Weights will vary depending on phones and accessories ordered

Literature & Manuals 

Call for pricing – this product is highly configurable

Prices and specifications subject to change without notice