Rack-Mounted PBX Systems

 Designed for installation in fixed facilities or mobile command post vehicles. It’s our rugged DTS-P and DTS-N series PBX telephone switches, but without the portable cases and accessories. Each rack-mount package comes with three digital phones and you can add others as needed. Designed for installation into any standard 19″ EIA rack. Combine with a stock or customized patch panel to permit quick telephone reconfiguration. Call for design ideas! Compatible with all analog radio-telephone patch systems.

Other rack-mount versions of our products include the Sky Connect Iridium telephone and CT8 multi-line cellular telephone system. Add our Vidicode Octo 8-channel digital voice logging system for a complete mobile or alternate PSAP.

RTS1616P rack mountable PBX telephone system for EOCs and command vehicles                        


The specifications and options are the same as for our DTS-P and DTS-N  series of field deployable PBX systems. Available in several configurations:
  • RTS-1308P – 3 lines, 8 dual-hybrid extensions   $2150
  • RTS-1616P – 6 lines, 16 dual-hybrid extensions $2850
  • RTS-1824P – 8 lines, 24 dual-hybrid extensions $4269
  • RTS-482N – 4 lines, 8 digital & 2 analog extensions $2675
  • RTS-8162N – 8 lines, 16 digital & 2 analog extensions $2881
  • RTS-8818N – 8 lines, 8 digital & 18 analog extensions $3630
  • RTS-8242N – 8 lines, 24 digital & 2 analog extensions $2850
Every system includes three digital LCD display phones. Options include basic voice mail, additional digital or analog phones, digital audio logging recorder, sat-phone terminals, celluar telephone terminals, and stock or custom patch panels
Call for custom package and option pricing