Logging Recorders

Four and eight channel digital voice logging recorders with built-in CD recorder. Add to any Northmark Communications DTS or RTS series PBX system to keep a complete log of all incoming and outgoing calls. Can also be used to record two-way radio calls.*
Perfect for portable PSAP operations.

Product details

  • 19” rack mount or table-top operation
    Octo Digital Voice Recorder

    Octo Digital Voice Recorder

  • 4 or 8 line models 
  • Internal storage capacity up to 27600 hours
  • Built-in CD recorder for archiving 
  • Registration of the call and all available data: date, time, internal and external telephone number **, duration of the call etc.
  • FSK or DTMF Caller ID data supported **
  • Notification: spoken message to notify that a recording is being made
  • Automatic storage time control (privacy protection)
  • Fax recording
  • Multi-line answering machine operation available
  • Pre-recording assures no missed words or syllables
  • Front panel RJ-45/RJ-11 combo modular phone connections for easy patching
  • Searchable memory
  • Playback through internal speaker or headphones
  • Full Ethernet integration
  • 120-240VAC operation
  • Optional remote access and real-time monitoring software


4 lines and CD recorder $2944

8 lines and CD recorder $4690

Remote access/monitoring software $223

 Literature & Manuals


* 2-way radio recording assumes use of radios with combined TX/RX logging audio output. Check with Northmark Communications or your radio dealer.

** Caller ID data must be provided by the telephone company.for this feature to function