Iridium Satphone Terminals

Sky ConnectTM I & II IridiumTM Satellite Telephone Terminals

SkyConnect IIWhen you absolutely need a dialtone during a disaster response or in the middle of nowhere, a satellite telephone is often the only solution. However, most satellite phones are handheld, single line, must be used outdoors in the weather, and cannot be connected to other telephone equipment or an external antenna.

Our rugged Iridium Sky Connect portable or installable satellite telephone terminals easily solve those problems.

The Sky Connect single or dual line satellite  telephone terminal may be connected to our portable PBX telephone systems, any permanently installed PBX system, or to any conventional single line telephone with a standard RJ-11 telephone cord.

2400 baud data communication via the satellite is possible using the terminal’s USB data port. It is quick and easy to setup with little training. With data compression software, speeds are available up to 10Kbps, adequate for text-only email. 

The external antenna can be placed out in the open or on a rooftop for a clear, unobstructed view of the sky. This means fewer dropped or lost calls and greater signal reliability, as well as the ability to make your calls from a protected indoor environment.

The terminal is contained in its own rugged portable enclosure with protective clamp-on covers. The  antenna, power and data cables, and system manuals are all carried in a matching accessory case. Also included is a portable 6′ folding antenna tripod in a nylon carry bag (shown at right with antenna). Optional orange nylon sandbags (empty) are available for weighting the tripod legs in high wind conditions.



SkyConnect antenna and tripodPermanent wall, bulkhead, or rack-mount installation configurations are available for buildings or vehicles. Use for telephone backup service when regular telephone service is disrupted, or for mobile command posts.

Iridium Sky Connect I with one radio installed: $5399 Iridium

Sky Connect II with two radios installed: $8815

Optional internal battery back-up available – call for details & pricing

Optional DC version: Deduct $50 from price

Rack mount versions for permanent installation – call for pricing

Set of three 20lb capacity orange nylon antenna tripod sandbags: $94


Satelllite Service Fees *

No activation fee

Monthly subscription fee: $37.50

Voice calls: $1.50/minute

Iridium to Iridium, voice mail retreival calls: $1.00/minute

Iridium to other satellite systems: $10.89/minute

* Service fees are those available for the general public. Special government rates are available for qualifying agencies. Rates are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for most current information.


Literature & Manuals

        Satellite-Cellular Planning NotesRead this!


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