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Sky Connect Indoors

Sky Connect Indoors - Iridium Sat Phone

(Mobile and Marine versions available)

When the phones go out and you still need to communicate, the most reliable option is satellite telephone. However, most sat phones are hand-held and require the user to be outdoors – in the weather – and require some degree of training to use.

The Sky Connect IndoorsTM single-line satellite telephone solves those problems.

The Sky Connect Indoors satellite telephone and data terminal can be permanently installed in your office or mobile command center and connected to either a conventional phone or directly to a designated trunk port on your office PBX telephone system. When you need to make a sat phone call, simply dial the access code for that trunk port, and you will have the satellite dial tone!

A local control handset is available for connection to the terminal itself, and can be remoted to another part of the building if necessary. The handset supports voice calls and SMS messages, as well as access to other features. 

The Sky Connect Indoor terminal can also save money by allowing lower-cost Iridium to Iridium calls if you have other mobile or portable units in the field.

Low speed data service is also available at rates from 2400 to 10kbps, adequate for text-only email, via an RS-232 port, up to 50′ from the terminal. Longer distances (3000′ or more) can be achieved using two RS-485 converters. Data service requires an additional monthly fee.

The Sky Connect Indoor terminal can be powered with 120vac or 10-32vdc, as needed, and draws very little power (1 amp at 12vdc while transmitting). For maximum reliability, we offer a 12 volt power supply with battery backup. The radio can be installed remotely from other telephone equipment in order to keep the antenna cable as short as possible. Custom weatherproof housings are available for roof-top installation upon request.

An internal SIM card is used to activate the phone and identify it to the system. An external SIM card reader is available for multiple users to bill calls to their own accounts.

Also perfect for remote sites without regular telephone service. Kits are available for vehicle or marine intallation – call for details.

Iridium Sky Connect Indoor Terminal, with AC power supply, mast-mount antenna: $2900
Local control handset: $350
5m antenna cable: $55 (Shorter cables are recommended for maximum performance)
10m antenna cable: $165
DC power cable: $25
DC/Battery power supply: $265 (approx. 24-36 hour run time on battery, depending on duty cycle)
Weatherproof outdoor housings: Call for pricing – various versions available.
Marine and mobile versions: Call for configuration and pricing information

Typical Service Fees *

  • No activation fee
  • Monthly subscription fee: $32 (voice only)
  • Iridium to landline voice/data calls: $1.50/minute – no long distance charges
  • Iridium to Iridium, voice mail retrieval calls: $1.00/minute
  • Iridium to other satellite systems: $10.89/minute

* Activation is required before use. Service fees shown are typical of those available for the general public. Special government rates are available in some cases. Calls to and from the regular (PSTN) telephone network are charged at international rates. Rates are subject to change without notice.  

INSTALLATION NOTES:  Antenna mast and mounting accessories are not included and will be dependent on the location. Antenna must be mounted above all obstructions with a clear view to 15o above the horizon. Special packaging such as NEMA weatherproof radio housings for rooftop installation available upon request. Call for technical support when planning your installation.


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