4-Line GSM Cellular Terminal

GFX44 GSM Cellular Telephone Gateway Terminal
Up to four GSM cellular telephone lines in one device

GFX44 4 line GSM Gateway

Provides up to four separate analog dial tones from GSM cellular telephone service. Highly configurable unit can be programmed to meet a variety of needs. Can be used with any analog PBX instead of land-lines, or with up to four single line analog phones. Internal antenna combiner means you need only one antenna. Small and lightweight.

 Rear jacks include 4 RJ-11 modular telehone jacks, 1 RS-232 programming jack, DC power, and SMA antenna jack. Up to four SIM cards (one per line) install securely inside the table-top case to prevent card theft. Powered with 120vac to 12vdc adapter. Supplied with small flexible antenna (shown) and AC power supply. See below for options.
For use with GSM service providers such as AT&T and T-Mobile. (Sorry, a version for Verizon and other CDMA carriers is not available.)



  • Rugged military-grade carry case
  • External high-gain antenna with tripod and 50′ cable for weak signal areas or shielded buildings
  • Accessory and tripod cases
  • Complete packages with phones

 (Rack-mount and portable battery operated versions in development).