Sim-Cell Kits

Sim-Cell kits allow you to simulate outside calls from your portable PBX system for training and exercises. One DLE-200B line simulator and a standard desk phone is connected to a line (trunk) jack (the red ones) on any of our field deployable PBX systems. Pick up the Sim-Cell phone, and it rings into the PBX just like an outside call. Outside calls placed from the PBX will ring on the Sim-Cell phone connected to that line jack. Order a kit with the same number of incoming line jacks as your portable PBX system – or – for as many sim-cell operators as you plan to use.

Kits include:

Sim-Cell Kit

Sim-Cell Kit

  • 3 to 8 DLE-200B and desk phone kits in a single carry case
  • 25′ telephone extension cables on cord manager
  • 7′ telephone hookup cords
  • Muslin storage bags for phone and DLE-200B storage
  • Rugged mil-spec carry case with pull handle and wheels

3 line kit  $770

6 line kit  $1353

8 line kit  $1759 


EOC Simulation Kit

DLE200B and Desk Phone