UPS System

Uniterruptible Power SourceUPS-1500

  • 120VAC
  • 1500VA load capacity
  • Fulltime on-line rugged inverter
  • Generator friendly
  • Front and rear outlets for easy access
  • Rugged carry case
  • 65 pounds carrying weight


 Easy to Use

Simply remove the covers, plug it into an AC power outlet, connect your equipment to it, and you’re in business! Now, when short power interruptions occur your communications system will stay up and running. Need to shut down a portable generator to refuel? No problem. The 1500VA UPS will run most of our PBX systems for up to an hour, depending on accessories and auxilliary equipment.

What does “Generator Friendly” mean?

Most low-cost UPS systems are “line-interactive,” which means they allow the connected equipment to run on the main AC lines until the power fails, and then switch to the light-duty internal battery-powered inverter. The problem is that generator power is often “dirty” and the interactive UPS doesn’t like it, so it stays on the battery until it goes dead – even with the generator connected and running. Our full-on-line UPS runs on its battery and heavy-duty inverter full time. The only thing the AC power line does is charge the batteries, so even with dirty generator power, you’re still in business.